Deadline: January 2021

Status: Inactive


The Teachers and High School Students (TAHSS) Program was founded in the fall of 1989 with the goals of exposing interested high school students of varied backgrounds to health care and related professions, and providing support in their academic and personal development. Today, TAHSS continues as a key Tufts University School of Medicine community outreach program for high school students in the Greater Boston area. The program is supported by the Dean's Office and aims to stimulate and support interest in careers in the biomedical sciences among high school students.


  • Applicants must be at least 16 years old at the start of the program and in grades 10-12

  • The selection committee grants student interviews by invitation only

  • If at any time during the process, you find that you are no longer interested in the TAHSS program, please contact us by email: or by phone: 617-636-0992

  • Students are required to participate for the entirety of the 5 week-long TAHSS program

  • Additionally, the program aims to provide an opportunity especially to students from socioeconomic and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, and students under-represented in medicine communities.


  • Application (with essay) 

  • Student and Parent/Guardian Approval Form 

  • Two (2) Recommendation Forms 

  • Two (2) recommendation letters (from a science teacher and guidance counselor preferred) 

  • Official transcript Photograph (headshot preferred) 

  • NOTE: If you are a Permanent Resident/Naturalized Citizen, a proof of residency/citizenship document is required. 

  • The completed application with all supporting materials must be submitted to