Deadline: (early) February 2021

Status: Inactive


A program for Boston and Cambridge high school students to participate in paid, mentored, summer research internships at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated institutions.


  • Reside in Boston or Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

  • Be a Boston or Cambridge high school student, particularly a student from a racial or ethnic background underrepresented in medicine and/or from a disadvantaged background. 

  • Have completed the junior or senior year of high school and be at least 16 years of at the time of application. 

  • Have demonstrated an interest and ability in science, interest in pursuing a biomedical science or health-related career, and commitment to attending college. 

  • Have maintained a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least B-, and have completed biology, algebra, and chemistry. 

  • Be willing to complete all required formal oral and written reports; attend all Project Success-sponsored seminars; and maintain good attendance and performance on required research projects. 

  • Be committed to participating in selected Harvard Medical School Educational Outreach Programs for a year after completing the program. 

  • Have parental/guardian commitment.


  • a letter of interest written by the applicant; 

  • a written recommendation by a science teacher; 

  • three references; 

  • one copy of the applicant's most recent school transcript; 

  • a signed parental or guardian consent form.