About Us


There are great resources that provide information such as Ms Gorrill of the Private Industry Council, listing at the Daily Bulletin, and guidance counselors. Many students, however, remain unaware of the opportunities that are available to them. Coming into class early in the morning, most students usually want to spend their homeroom period chatting with friends, catching up on the day’s homework, or even getting that much needed shut-eye. While the Daily Bulletin is read out to students in their homerooms daily, some students may not be as attentive early in the morning, and in the process, don’t come across internships that they might be interested in. In a way, information was not always readily available or easy to find, and mostly done by word of mouth. We cannot help but think that those who are chosen for coveted paid internships are, for the most part, those who take the time and resourcefulness to seek them out. For us, having a central location for all information creates a wider and more accessible pipeline and a more equitable opportunity for anyone who may find a particular opportunity interesting to pursue. Hence, have a level playing field in vying for it. In addition, should one not make it to an internship of interest, the centralized portal will also provide students with other alternatives that remain, both paid and unpaid.


We are high school seniors from Boston Latin School with experience navigating the resources that our school provides us to obtain meaningful internships that spark our interests. To get into the internships that we wanted, we had to do extensive research and reach out to people who had done it before. Marcky first worked at Boston Children’s Hospital over the summer of 2019 as a COACH Intern, which he found through the PIC Office. From here, he worked hard and somehow impressed his supervisor, who recommended him to a rare internship at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, a position that he continues to work with today. On the other hand, Miggy found out about his current John William Ward Public Service Fellowship at BLS from his friends who did the internship the previous year, as well as lobbying from Ms. Gorrill and his history teachers. We both benefited greatly from summer internships and want to pay our good experiences forward.